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G.R.M. is moving to a more professional appearance and structure & that being said, has prepared this “Gamers Rules and Regulations” to provide you with an overview of our policies and rules here at G.R.M. Gaming It is intended to familiarize you with important information about G.R.M., as well as provide guidelines for membership experience with us, in an effort to promote a safe and healthy gaming environment & experience. Please understand that these guidelines and rules only highlight the G.R.M.’s policies, practices, and benefits for your personal understanding. It is intended to provide general information about the policies, benefits, and regulations of the governing of our members of the clan, forums, and affiliates.

It is obviously not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise in our clan, or to provide information that answers every possible question or concern. In addition, circumstances will undoubtedly require that policies, practices, and benefits described in these rules and regulations change from time to time or on a per basis scenario. Accordingly, G.R.M. reserves the right to modify, supplement, rescind, or revise any provision of this rules and regulations from time to time as it deems necessary or appropriate in its sole discretion with or without notice. Any such changes or modifications will be brought to everyone’s attention before being implemented.

No business is free from day-to-day problems, but we believe our personnel policies and practices that are listed will help resolve such problems. All of us must game together to make the G.R.M. a viable, healthy, fun, and profitable organization. This is the only way we can provide an exemplary gaming environment & experience that promotes genuine concern and respect for others including all gamers and our affiliates. If any statements in these rules and regulations are not clear to you, please contact the clans “Human Resources” division for clarification. These rules and regulations supersede any and all prior policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the G.R.M. organization.